Celebrity Hairstylist Tippi Shorter Joins The Salon & Spa at Saks

Celebrity hairstylist Tippi Shorter recently joined the team at the Salon & Spa at Saks. Her clients include Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Rhianna, and Jennifer Hudson. She is currently taking appointments.

Since her introduction into the beauty industry, Tippi’s hairstyles have topped the shoulders of many beauty icons: Diahann Carol, Beyonce, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Vanessa Williams among other actresses, musicians, and supermodels. But when asked about her career as a well known celebrity hairstylist, Tippi responds, “I am not a celebrity hairstylist. I am a hairstylist who happens to have the opportunity to work with many wonderful celebrities.” This fantastic hairstylist is way too modest. Her beauty transformations have graced the covers and editorial pages of trendsetting magazines like Elle, Essence, In Style, and Vanity Fair. Her beauty tips are often quoted in weekly magazines like Life & Style and OK!

Frederic Fekkai Protein RX

The Frederic Fekkai Protein RX line and now the collection it has been updated, using next-generation ingredients and technology to deliver even better results than before. It’s now called the PrX Repairatives. Starting July 11th for our Brushes with Greatness event, make an appointment for complimentary upper body massage that includes the neck, shoulder and scalp. Gifts with purchase include:

  • Any 2 Fekkai product purchase, receive a full size 8oz Full Blown Volume Shampoo
  • Any $175 Fekkai product purchase, receive a “Fekkai Blue” cosmetics clutch with your choice of full size 5.8oz Sheer Hold Hairspray or full size 4oz Brilliant Glossing Cream

Who is it for?

The PrX Reparatives collection is for women seeking to prevent andrepair damage to their hair. These women have fragile, porous hair due to frequent heat styling or chemical processing and often use repair treatments and conditioners to restore natural texture and shine.

Why Fekkai created this collection
The inspiration for this collection came from years backstage at fashion shows and photo shoots, seeing models with hair overworked and depleted by constant bleaching, coloring and heat styling.

Advanced ingredients
Each product contains advanced ingredients including keratin—a natural fiber that makes up 90% of hair’s structure and silk proteins—one of the world’s strongest naturally occurring proteins.

Why is it different?
Our Dual-Action Technology was specially developed by Frederic Fekkai and his team of experts to provide the latest reparative care to hair by combining Keratin Protection and Damage Restoration.

Keratin Protection:

  • Works at the foundation of hair.
  • Includes keratin, the building block of strong, virgin hair.
  • Reinforces weak spots along the hair fiber where keratin loss has occurred.
  • Creates a protective shield that defends against styling and chemical damage.
  • Helps prevent keratin loss before damage is even visible.

Damage Restoration:

  • Restores external texture and resilience.
  • Rich, luxurious emollients are deposited to restore softness and smoothness.
  • Strengthens against hair breakage to help prevent future damage.
  • Helps resist split ends and visible damage.


Time to shout it from the rooftops, ’cause it’s official…HAPPY SUMMER!!
June 21st is the best day of the whole year, as far as i’m concerned. i’ll gladly trade my Ugg boots in for flip flops, my ski jacket in for breezy sundresses and hot cocoa in for iced tea. Hooray for the lazy, hazy, crazy days ahead! 


With over 90 years of perfume expertise this cult Italian perfumery harnesses the herbs and flowers that are the very essence of the Italian countryside, creating refined and timelessly beautiful scents.

A. Colonia Eau de Cologne 

Shorthand for La Dolce Vita, this 1930’s Italian unisex scent is a breeze of Bulgarian rose, Sicilian citrus fruits and lavender.

 Acqua Di Parma - Colonia EDC Natural/1.7ozAcqua Di Parma - Colonia EDC Natural/3.4oz

B. Iris Nobile Eau de Toilette

An airy take on the regal flower, this scent spotlights iris against a velvety backdrop of amber, vanilla, and cedar flower.

Acqua Di Parma - Iris Nobile Eau de Toilette Spray/3.4 oz.

C. Colonia Intensa Eau de Cologne

A suede-like base of cedarwood, leather and neroli sparkles with fresh citrus notes of Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian lemon and ginger.

Acqua Di Parma - Colonia Intensa EDC/1.7ozAcqua Di Parma - Colonia Intensa EDC/3.4oz


Hairstylist to New York’s elite for over 20 years, Frederic Fekkai hair range is a luxury collection of problem specific care and styling products.

A. Technician Color Care

Formulated for dry, colour treated hair and enriched with natural cleansers and vitamins A and E.

Frederic Fekkai - Salon Technician Color Care Shampoo/8 oz.Frederic Fekkai - Salon Technician Color Care Conditioner/8 oz.

B. Protein Rx

Fortify hair with this milk and soy protein treatment for chemically processed and damaged hair.

Frederic Fekkai - Protein RX Shampoo/8 oz.Frederic Fekkai - Protein Rx Conditioner/8 oz.

C. Salon Glaze

Inspired by salon glazing services, this chemical-free, post-conditioner rinse-off treatment contains silicones to bind shine, recharge colour and add silkiness without weighing hair down.

Frederic Fekkai - Salon Glaze/5 oz.


Queen of the flawless face, Laura Mercier believes the key to true beauty lies in enhancing your natural features. Her skin perfecting foundations, luminizers and flattering makeup shades have become modern day essentials.

A. Foundation Primer                                                                                               

This bestselling primer creates a smooth, non-sticky, invisible, light-reflecting base for foundation.

Laura Mercier - Foundation Primer

B. Tinted Moisturiser

Forgo foundation for a sheerer look with this lightweight, anti-oxidant loaded, easily blended base with SPF20. Skin is left protected and dewy.Laura Mercier - Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

C. Tinted Illuminating Moisturiser

The legendary tinted moisturiser is infused with light reflecting particles, to deeply hydrate while imparting a youthful, radiant glow.Laura Mercier - Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer

D. Secret Concealer

A moisture rich formula designed for the sensitive eye area. Light reflecting pigments conceal discoloration and dark circles.

Laura Mercier - Secret Concealer

FLORES CARIOCAS by Cris Ruas / Rio de Janeiro

As “Flores Cariocas” oferecem arte em flores de couro exclusiva criadas por Maurício Levi e sua família de artesãos há mais de 40 anos. Cariocas, criativos, batalhadores, visionários, originais – as três gerações de artesãos trabalham pelo sonho de transformar a fantasia em realidade, desenvolvendo uma arte tanto valorizada pela mídia nacional, simples e romântica, quanto sofisticada e ousada, bem como antenada com as tendências de cada estação, o que  se revela pelas cores e texturas escolhidas com primor que encantam os mais refinados gostos.

As “Flores Cariocas” garantem seu podium nas reportagens regulares de várias emissoras de tv, incluindo as celebridades das novelas da Globo bem como de outras emissoras como a Record, recentemente presentes no programa “A Fazenda” fazendo a cabeça da Bombom e em programas como os da Xuxa, Zorra Total, A Grande Família, Malhação, entre outros, no figurino  de artistas,  personalidades e empresários de bom gosto que são abduzidos pelos encantos das mais cariocas flores de couro.

O orgulho de Maurício Levi, o mentor da marca “Flores Cariocas”, reside não somente na realização de tornar renomada sua arte familiar, mas também em brindar o meio ambiente com atitudes ecológicas e sociais,  reaproveitando matéria prima e, acima de tudo, direcionando sua produção para  ações de comunidades carentes garantindo renda, inclusão social e dignidade para muitos.

Dentre aqueles que apreciam o trabalho e manifestam carinhosa consideração por todas as ações envolvidas estão  a Rainha da Inglaterra, Elizabeth II, com quem as “Flores Cariocas” mantém  um relacionamento baseado no mais puro afeto.

“Flores Cariocas”, um presente para todo o Brasil, agora disponível ao mundo inteiro.

-Por Cris Ruas




  As Owner of Advanced Derma Laser Tech Inc., Jennifer Kandemir, a New York beauty industry veteran, has set trends while serving as an inspiration. From her encouraging personal journey, to her unparalleled level of skill and work, Jennifer is fearless, driven, inspirational and, of course, a model business woman. Jennifer began her career as a sought-after hair colorist, working for such high-profile salons as John Frieda, Warren Tricomi and Elizabeth Arden. As a woman, Jennifer had long felt victim to the issue of unwanted body hair, negatively impacting her self-image, causing her to feel uncomfortable and self-conscious in her own skin. As a result, Jennifer developed an interest in electrolysis and was soon treated at a doctor’s office where she unfortunately was badly discolored due to the type of technology utilized and its incompatibility with her skin type. Following the negative experience, Jennifer researched the field and discovered that lasers were considered the new future of hair removal— especially significant, Jennifer educated herself on the different types of lasers, each equipped to treat specific types of skin, as she found that the Cutera Nd: YAG is best for darker skin such as her own. Staying ahead of the trends, Jennifer underwent laser hair removal treatment and loved the results. Finding herself at a turning point, Jennifer decided that she would learn to complete the laser hair removal procedure herself and began to take classes. At her three-month mark, Jennifer was gifted with a laser hair removal machine and she has never looked back since. Jennifer soon found a space in New York City and her business continues to flourish.  With a newfound sense of confidence and self-assurance, Jennifer was inspired to work to transfer such a positive experience to other individuals experiencing similar body issues. Moving forth with a personal mission to rid the negative self-images that she experienced from others, Jennifer continues to transform the lives of her clients through her work. The level of personalized attention established by Jennifer sets Advanced Derma Laser Tech Inc. apart from others in the industry. With an honest and realistic approach toward their clients, Jennifer ensures that her specialists at Advanced Derma Laser Tech will inform a potential client if he/she is not a proper candidate for laser hair removal, as well as further options for treatment.