About Me

Marisol Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper extraordinaire, Marisol Rivera, is equal parts soothsayer, trusted adviser and field marshal, whose mission in life is to help you look and feel fashionable … and to help you to always present your “best self.” Like some sort of modern-day genie you summon from an iPhone (instead of a brass lamp), Marisol makes sure your “wish” is indeed her command and seldom utters the word “no.” A former member of the elite 5th Avenue Club of personal shoppers at Saks Fifth Avenue in New York City, she has built a client base that spans the globe. With a heavy influx of customers from the Caribbean to the Middle East to Latin America, Marisol is continually referred to their friends, colleagues and family members; knowing they could not be in more capable hands.

“It’s all about relationship-building,” explains Marisol and proving yourself to be someone that clients can trust will always go the proverbial “extra mile” for them; regardless of the size of the sale. “The best personal shoppers,” Marisol is quick to point out, “understand it’s not just about selling stuff to people but rather more about becoming an advocate for your client,” Offering advice on wardrobes, both past and present. With that in mind, she often asks clients to bring in five items they have purchased in the last year but not worn, then proceeds to show them several ways they can wear the items for a variety of occasions … and shows them how they can build a wardrobe around those pieces. She also works with her clients to understand everything from their surroundings (climate, cultural norms, personal living situations) to their life cycle stages, social/professional commitments and personalities.

Formerly one of the top producers in the 5th Avenue Club, Marisol worries less about hitting a particular sales target than she does about making sure that her clients are happy with what they bought and the selling process that surrounded it.  Bronx-born-and-raised girl (with Puerto Rican roots), who rose from a salesgirl position at Saks Fifth Avenue’s cosmetics counter back in 1999 to her current role, there simply isn’t a better job out there. Marisol attributes her enthusiasm for her job in part to a love of beauty and fashion that dates back to childhood. Thanks to her mother, who ensured she and her daughter were always impeccably groomed and dressed; even while on a fairly tight budget – along with a love of meeting people from all different parts of the world and a chance to always “be in the know” about what’s coming up next on the fashion front. She loves to travel and with a B.A. in Languages and History from New York’s Fordham University and a natural curiosity, Marisol always hits the ground running; whether she’s in Miami, Dubai or Puerto Rico.