Know your ABCDs When shopping for a bra!

Did you know more than 60 % of women are walking around wearing the wrong bra? This results in all kinds of complications, not to mention the things that can go awry even if you have your number right. Here’s how to fix the most common annoyances for a tug-, pull-, and fidget-free day.

PROBLEM: Gasping cups
SOLUTION: It’s not the most obvious fix, but try tightening the band. That will cinch the wire firmly under the breast tissue, bringing the cup closer to your body.

PROBLEM: Front and/or side spillage
SOLUTION: Go up a letter and see if that helps. If not, the shape might be too narrow for your breasts and you’ll need to try a design with wider cups.

PROBLEM: The band rides up in back
SOLUTION: Eighty percent of a bra’s support comes from the band, says Victoria’s Secret executive vice president Monica Mitro, so it’s important to replace yours when the elastic wears out. If the band on a new purchase is sliding up, try loosening the straps or going to a tighter hook- otherwise, you’ll need to buy a smaller one. “You know you’re in the right size when you can put two fingers underneath the back and it’s very snug on the loosest hook,” says ThirdLove co-founder Heidi Zak.

Problem: Slipping shoulder straps
Solution: Try tightening them- they do stretch out over time but if that’s not working, explore different styles for your body. Women with sloping shoulders will want a bra with a U-shaped ballet back, which has straps that fit closer together. Racerbacks are also a good option.

PROBLEM: The center doesn’t lie flat against the sternum
SOLUTION: There are several tweaks to make hen the piece of fabric between your breasts isn’t holding fast. First, go down one band size or up one cup size. Didn’t do the trick? Opt for a plunge bra with a narrower center front.

PROBLEM: The cups crease
SOLUTION: No doubt about it, the fabric in your bra is breaking down, either from normal wear and tear or from being put in the dryer. It can also be a sign that the material wasn’t very good quality in the first place, so invest in something a bit more substantial the next time around.

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