Welcoming New Team of Styling Assistants!

On June 5th, 4 talented young ladies were welcomed to work side-by-side with me for the summer. These girls, ages 14 and 15, have will be learning and putting many important skills into practice such as styling, putting together looks, selling various products online, and customer service follow up. Each day they will be challenged with the task of making a look as a group and individually for potential clients. In addition they will learn what it’s like to own a business through the fun, hands on feature, and the behind the scenes financial perspective. For this summer they will be the ones helping me help you. From the far left to the right are, Jocelyn Gomez, Paige Collins, Npenda Fofana, and Noeliah Auqui.
Wishing every teen a wonderful summer with their first jobs!!!


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I'm a NYC-based Personal Shopper for a Global Client Base specializing in high-end luxury goods and retailers. I speak Spanish, Portuguese and English.