Heel Update




The opulent mood of the season delivers the ultimate party shoes.



‘Tis the season to hit the stores.  So you better get on it, and you might want to bring your friends along so they can keep you in check and help you pick the perfect presents. While shopping for others you might look for pieces for yourself that will help you take a casual look to the holiday parties. Think of luxe crimson colored accessories or rock a sequin skirt with a hoodie.



Give purples and reds their turn in the spotlight!



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Bags of Attitude

This fall I feel that if i don’t wear jewelry with my outfits its ok, as long as my handbags have bold hardware, like tough-luxe buckles and elaborate studding. These bags below add an instant edge to day to night looks because they are design for impact. fullsizerender-15fullsizerender-16fullsizerender-17

Fashion, Travel and Fear

If you love fashion history and traveling, you would probably try to visit the homes, showrooms as well as stores of your favorite designers both living and departed. But, if shopping is your guilty pleasure and you are going to Europe you might notice that you can pretty much have some stores to yourself. Luxury goods retailers are coming of a flat first half of the year, after terrorism fears hit the tourist traffic in France. The high-end industry continues to slump with companies like Hermes, and LV announcing a profit decline . So maybe now some of us can get those hard to buy items like your favorite Birkin bag or limited edition, collectors item ….you what I mean .

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Everyone’s Asking About


L’agence high rise cropped flare jeans

Valentino quilted shoulder bag

Proenza Schouler boots

For more info or to order email me at shopnyc@marisolrivera.com

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Unscientific Sweepstakes/Contest Survey

Do you ever wonder if all the email and magazines solicitation to enter sweepstakes or contest are true? Do you anyone that wins any or a lot of them ? Well, welcome to my survey . For the month October i will enter a contest a day. OMG mail mailbox is probably going to blow up with spam but i got to see if out of 31 different entries I get a trip, cash, diamond , tailgate equipment, a new house …  So stay tune, i will post the pictures of the contest just in case one of you wants to try your luck! #contest #sweepstakes #luck #popsugar #bliss #thrillist

Oct. 4th

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OCT 2, 2016


NYFW vs the rest . Is our way just a trend or a new way of doing business

fullsizerender-7Part of the appeal of fashion has always been the feeling of exclusivity. However many designers are moving on to new ideas. Maybe you don’t want Forever 21 and H&M to have enough time to replicate your designs and sell them as their own if you are a famous fashion designer. Designers are now going  straight to their source of revenue, the customers! There is no longer the long wait for the line to hit stores. In the end, it’s not what the fashion editor says that really matters, it’s what the brand’s customer buys. Critics are no longer able to influence consumers opinions before they see the line themselves . Customers can now develop their own opinions without much bias involved. Now, on the other side of the world this new idea has not been met with enthusiasm by all. Many designers in Europe feel that this new method takes the desire out of runway. I guess we are going to see more bloggers heading to Paris and Milan.  #fashionweek #nyfw #fashiontrends